Happy Thanksgiving

Holidays can be hard for some people, especially if we find ourselves alone. As my kids enjoy Thanksgiving at their grandma’s in Nebraska, I had to find something to do for three days. One day was dedicated to cleaning out the house, one day for baking (with a friend this year, a whole different post later!) and one early morning of Christmas shopping. I am left with Thursday, Thanksgiving, and I did something a little unusual this year.

I decided to volunteer somewhere to serve lunch. The Rescue Mission took their clients to Applebee’s, so I found somewhere else to be helpful. I helped set up tables, get the food ready to be served, and cleaned up afterwards. I didn’t plan on eating the meal, but it sure was a great example of Thanksgiving dinner. Yams, mashed potatoes, turkey, pie, pie, pie, everything!

I sat with some of these clients during lunch, where all these women were recovering and trying to get back on their feet in some way. As an introvert, I was hesitant to open up, but I figured I would never see anyone there again, so I went for it.

I laughed, I joked, I listened, and it was really neat. They were all very appreciative with my help, but I enjoyed it as much as it was volunteer work. These women lived in a different world than I do, but they’re not all that different. Heck, just last weekend I was with an entirely different “class” of women and the conversation paralleled today’s.

I just decided that I need to open up more often, and I will have more good experiences like I did today. And to appreciate the people around me more. While I cannot wait until my family’s Thanksgiving celebration in a few days, I’m confident that I was right where I needed to be today.