The Song Stuck in My Head

Whenever I open my laptop to begin working, I always open a few tabs on my browser. One of them has to be a music station. Some say that multitasking is just spreading out your attention and talents among more than one task, but music has been known to help fire up the brain for better functioning. In “Listen While You Work: What Music Does to Your Brain“, there’s all sorts of reasons why music is so popular. In my classroom, if students are working independently, I allow headphones or soft music as long as it isn’t distracting.

In Salina, KS, Kenwood Park hosts free outdoor concerts every Thursday evening during June and July and it’s such a neat atmosphere. Bring a chair, bring something to drink, bring some friends. It’s almost as good as going to a paid concert. For Mother’s Day, my sister and I took my mom to a Three Dog Night concert this July, her favorite band from high school. It was a blast, and I know she had a great time.

From the glow of the marquee

After the concert, we stood in the glow of the marquee. My mom even bought a $20 t-shirt!

The differing generations at both of these events really proves that music is universal in that it touches everyone. I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like music. I visited my 89-year-old neighbor last week, and the conversation turned my son’s recent surgery for a Baha that will aid him with single-sided deafness. I mentioned how much he misses out on, including music. She stated something that I’ve said repeatedly, “Music is so important!” Sure, her choice of what music is compared to my choice would be obviously different, but that’s when it really struck me: no matter what age, what preference, people love music. It brings us together, it helps us get through tasks, and it makes life more fun. As the above article says, “music was meant to keep you alive.”