Short Stories

A few examples of my random imagination at work:

The Buggy My son Joseph and I were looking through scrap iron at my dad’s place not long ago and my dad told me what each one was. One piece we weren’t sure of he identified right away. He had found it in the middle of a pasture among wreckage scattered all around. It was from a buggy not too far off the path and what he had brought home was the step to get into the cab of the buggy. He said, “It must have been a hell of a wreck.” That got me thinking and the following short story was the result.

Stilettos This came from a dream I had. I actually woke up during the whispered “noooo…”

Dust This is from dreamland. One of my students actually told me his dream and told it with such reality that I asked his permission to write it out as a short story. I hope I did his dream justice.

Dissertation I saw some papers scattered on a busy street today, and I thought of how once upon a time, someone had really put some thought and effort into those words, but that now they are useless.


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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