The Difference Between Work and Home

From @WritersDigest: For today’s prompt, write a care poem. As with many of the prompts, a care poem can be handled (with care) in many different ways: write a poem in which you care about someone (or something); write a poem about a caregiver (or care receiver); write a poem about the Care Bears; or if you don’t care about anything, let that guide you.


When they ask for more knowledge
And I give what I can.
When they want me to show some concern about them
And I do.
I give them my all, except
When I can’t.

I see someone who just needs me
While sitting at home, in the middle of the day
For a day or a week.
My other cares don’t disappear,
But nothing compares
To how I feel.

The three most needy in my life
Are the most important ones.



Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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