A Mile in Her Shoes

Thirteen years ago, I received my second pair of “free” team shoes. They seemed clumpy and boring but were surprisingly light. I liked them. Halfway through the season, we marked #40 on the back to honor a teammate who had to go home for medical reasons. Fortunately for her, our sharpie-to-shoe bit worked and she’s just fine.

After graduation from college, they were retired as my go-to gym shoes. They weren’t used very often, as I was burned out from basketball, but I kept them ready when something or someone finally convinced me to step onto the court again. It was rare as I became a mom and worked full time.

Finally, they were transformed again, changing with me as my life changed. They were my new mowing shoes. They were my I-don’t-give-a-crap-if-they-get-dirty shoes for all occasions. Yet somehow they held together. Except the sewed-on Reebok sticker came off of one. And the soles are trying to separate from the shoe. And the insides are starting to make their way outside.

I am finally able to part with them. I try not to hold on to things, but I have to say that the girls I spent two years with at CCC are worth holding on to. And the first house I lived in that mattered to me where I mowed ALL THE TIME. And when I taught my son how to mow straight.

I’m going to wear them one more time to mow the grass and work in the yard. Then, it’s audios. Although it is time to transform another pair of shoes to fit my needs, I will never forget what the old ones were to me.



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