Stilettos, the essay–not the short story

While brainstorming with someone a few months ago over a topic for speech, we figured out that through her weekly schedule, she probably wore high heels 3 days out of 7. She’d wear them with jeans, with a skirt, and actually dress up once in a while. And they fit her personality as well. She wrote a speech about all the benefits of wearing stilettos and I asked if I could steal her idea for myself.

Top 5 reasons to own one kick-ass pair of high heels…

5. Posture. Studies show that shoes like that throw the body completely out of balance, thrusting the abdomen and rear end out to keep balance while walking. Of course, if everyone could walk properly in high heels, then they wouldn’t be as appealing, would they?

4. Style. That single pair can go with whatever you desire be it jeans (or something a little smaller.)

3. Working out. Walking in stilettos creates the look of the calf muscle being contracted and muscular when in reality the Achilles’ tendon is being shortened. Some women can be uncomfortable barefoot because their bodies had shaped around their fashion. My elementary principal was like that. She was also a biker chick who wore black leather jackets and I think leather pants. But I was awfully young so I could have imagined the pants.

2. Height. Duh.

1. Self esteem. It takes a little practice to walk correctly in high heels. A little adjustment here and there until it is perfected takes time, too. It certainly does make a person’s gait different. Mostly, though, once someone has conquered the initial awkwardness of walking, the difficulty of finding the right outfit that goes with the shoes, and venturing out to a place to actually wear them, then there’s nothing that can get in her way.

Except grassy areas. Aerating is not the purpose of one of the most recognized women’s fashion in our history. And it’ll get you every time.


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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