Dreaming My Life Away


I usually dream every night. Every morning I recall the strange reality I had lived. And I always love sharing my dreams with people, even if they don’t share that love as much. I downloaded an app recently (DreamMood) that journals my dreaming experiences, interprets what they could mean, and allows me to browse what the different events may symbolize. I just started last week, and so far I’ve dreamt every night. They vary from intensity, tone, and interest. Here’s a sneak peek at my crazy night-time life.

High School Basketball
I’ve been keeping the scorebook for the middle school’s basketball games and sometimes I see the same referees. This particular dream featured the ref who also substitutes at our school. I was playing and he obviously made a bad call and I let loose. I was rude and yelled and screamed to no avail. Never mind that I had knocked a girl down and smeared her all over the court.
INTERPRETATION: Playing basketball means I successfully use teamwork and may need to set higher goals. I have no idea what the childish behavior means. I don’t remember doing that in real life. Anyone remember differently? I Didn’t Think So.

Coming from a pretty well established pro-life family, this one rattled me a little.
I dreamed that I had an abortion. I felt ashamed but in the dream it seemed like an option I had to take. Weird.
INTERPRETATION: I recently decided that I will go after a business degree, possibly an MBA. I had this dream shortly after this decision. The app says an abortion means I am not allowing my creativity and abilities grow.
That is a much better interpretation than what I was afraid of. For a minute there, I thought I had to preside over the BAV club.

Gone Fishing
Cole and I were fishing in a crystal clear river bed and we caught this huge-mouthed monstrosity. Its mouth was enormous. He was similar to the picture above, except it was a dirty orange color and bumpy all over. On land, when we finally got him on the shore, his face sagged because it was so large. Cole and I were fishing with someone, but I don’t remember exactly who.
INTERPRETATION: There were more than one, but I like the one that says I need some relaxation time. I prefer a sandy beach, fruity drink, maybe even a real fishing pole just so I look like I’m supposed to be there.

Sky Diving
For some reason I had guests out from the “big city” to visit is in the Brack house that my family lived in years ago. (It has been torn down for over 15 years.) It was winter and we had coveralls on. I explained the noise of cottonwood leaves rustling in the wind when we noticed a sky diver. He slowly drifted towards us and landed on the road north of the house, almost knocking me over in the process. I helped him out but he was rude, complaining about the cold, bleak Kansas horizon as if he was dropped to a location he wasn’t made aware of. Secret Agent???
INTERPRETATION: In the app, it said I need to lower my ideals. However, according to Freud’s book, it means sex. But, according to Freud, everything means sex so I’ll find the answer somewhere in the middle. Maybe carefully.

In the Movies
I dream about the movies I watch the previous night where I play a role as the main character. This movie was Sahara. I don’t remember enough about it, except it seemed that I was following the plot fairly closely.
INTERPRETATION: This may mean that I am pointing myself to a new adventure, says the app. I sure hope so. A long as I get the gold Confederate coins in the end.

High School Track
I was warming up for a 4×400 race in a high school track meet. We were running in 3rd place or so, with 2nd place right in front of us and 1st place way far ahead. I didn’t want to run initially but slowly I pumped myself up and was ready before it was my turn for the baton. I was the anchor. The 3rd leg runner (I didn’t know her!) decided to quit with 100 meters to go. She threw the baton off the track and just walked off. I wanted to kick her ass.
INTERPRETATION: Running around a track indicates I’m moving in circles and need to change course. I didn’t get to run in this dream, so I’m going to say I avoided a situation that would be redundant and boring.

P.S. Then we were in an apartment complex in the city and we were partying with no concern for anything else. DreamMood says I need to go out more.

Riding Billy
I was helping Cole ride my dad’s old horse, Billy, and she was calm and pleasant. I would walk beside her without having to hold any lead ropes or the reigns. Cole was loving it. At one time, someone came up to talk to me and I realized that after a few minutes of chatting, I was leaning against Billy’s rump and she was totally calm.
By the way, Billy’s been gone for a while. And I am starting to wonder why Cole is in so many of my dreams.
INTERPRETATION: I am in a position of power. That’s right.

We’ll see if there’s another installation of dream-telling. I doubt I’ll quit dreaming, but if they are crazy or not will be another thing all together. Meanwhile, happy sleeping.



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