Have you ever seen Fred? That kid who made a fortune on the internet speeding up his voice to the most annoying pitch, yet allows you to understand his every idiotic comment? So he actually made at least two movies. I know this because my children found the second one on Netflix and I watched parts of it as I did chores around the house.

My sister was visiting at this time and I made the comment to her that we seem to celebrate being average way too much in our society. She readily agreed. The movie displays self-proclaimed losers from a summer camp competing in a talent contest with another camp that had always won in the past competitions. They actually called themselves Losers, enrolling at camp Iwannapeepee. (I could have spelled it wrong, but I really don’t care.)

The point is, I feel like we celebrate the mundane way too much in our society. Yes, it is true that I root for the underdog. But not because they are average or less than awesome. They may not have been blessed with an affluent family, affording them every opportunity they could imagine. They may not be blessed with natural talent, making sure they would be tempered and refined for success through dedication and hard work.

I root for them because it is possible that they worked harder and smarter to be able to grab on to a little bit of success. Success that will help them push through the difficulties life has to offer and give others a glimmer of hope that they can do it, too.

Without difficulties in life there would be no true ownership of success.

A student asked me today if I believed life is fair, and if so, does God really care. I told her that I didn’t know for sure, but I felt that my life in the last few years hasn’t necessarily been fair. However, I also said that I felt I was being prepared for something incomprehensibly awesome.

I suppose my choice in how to look at things may be ignorantly positive, but I don’t know how else to see things. I can’t look the opposite way, knowing that it leads to destruction. At the same time, I am glad life wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter. I am glad that I had to work for everything that I have. I appreciate it so much more this way.

I guess it’s up to you, though, to decide what success is. For me, it’s the fact that the possibilities are endless. Simply because I know how to be a graceful underdog. And there are times that I do win.


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