His Gift

I miss talking to you.

I know I am a little selfish in my little claim on you since our friendship was so new, but you made me laugh and you made me feel good about myself for the first time in a long time.

I’ve never had someone so close to my heart leave so quickly before. I keep thinking I will wake up and we have all learned a lesson about what to do the next time and everything will be all right, but it’s not. It’s simply not.

From the little time I had of you, I saw quite a remarkable man. You were fun and wise, you were sweet and kind, you were a great person to talk to about anything that happened to be on my mind. Thank you so much for showing me that there are good people out there, people who do the right things because that would be the compassionate thing to do. You cared about so many things, and you cared about me.

You made me smile again. I just wish I could see yours. One day, Colburn, I will.


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