Appliance Profiling

I always believed that I should stand up for those who could not stand on their own. However, I like to give them a chance to build their own strength before I intervene. Like that little lesson about the butterfly needing the struggle out of the cocoon so its blood pumps through its wings. Then it’s strong enough for flight.

I do this with my kids, but I have recently realized that I have one aspect in my house that is incapable of its own voice: my dryer.

Over and over again I hear and read complaints about how the dryer ate somebody’s socks. Or how it shrunk a sweater. Or shortened the legs of pants.

I’m here to set right to what are probably 80% of the egregious and erroneous appliance profiling occurrences.

“The dryer ate my socks.” This common myth can be easily accredited to said sock missing before it even hit the wash room. Especially if there are children present in the home, socks are one of the easiest items to be stuck under a bed or slip behind the clothes hamper unnoticed upon being thrown in the general direction.

“The dryer shrank my clothes.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but one alternative is that you may have gained weight and don’t want to admit it. You’re fatter than before. However, if that is not the case, the dryer’s instruction clearly states what can happen if you use heat with wool or cotton. They can shrink. You’ve been warned so don’t blame the poor dryer.

“It doesn’t dry my clothes anymore.” While this could be true, you may want to check into the washer first. Is it wringing the clothes as dry as it should before the dryer goes to work?

Funny how when something goes in white but comes out pink, we don’t usually blame the washer. We’ll say that WE washed something red accidentally with the whites, not that the washer wiped its bleeding knees with our delicates.

Sound ridiculous? Not as crazy as a dryer “eating” socks.


2 thoughts on “Appliance Profiling

  1. Dryers have to deal with a lot. It’s no wonder they started the great Dryer fire of 1872. They need rights, and people to stop accusing them of things. You are a saint.


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