I posted a few weeks ago about my nose ring and how I accidentally followed a trend. That is one of thing I hate to do; I hate to follow blindly without thinking about something. In fact, there are times I won’t do something just because it is too popular and everyone is doing it.

I had a shot of good luck in June when I won two tickets to the “Brothers of the Sun” tour. I took a friend of mine and we had a great time, concert or not. But I realized halfway through the concert that people were cheering despite the fact they couldn’t hear what Tim or Kenny were actually saying. Yes, we are on a first name basis. They responded like my dad’s cattle when he hollers “come boss!!!” for them to eat.

So I was enjoying the music and the company anyway because I love music and friends, but I resented the mindless cheering the crowd was mooing to the stage. The boys on stage didn’t have to be clever anymore. They were entitled to that cheering because of their success and money and music and Tim’s tight, white jeans.

It was just that I wasn’t going to moo with the herd.


One thought on “Cattle

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