Water Babies

Being a mom takes a lot of work.  You have to carry them for nine months, eat nutritious food, allow yourself to choose the right kind of drugs when it comes time to push…  It takes even more work and balance in life to be a great mom after that.

My family is full of great moms, but part of being a good mom is keeping yourself happy.  All of us who are mothers in my family enjoy time with our kids, but yesterday I found three moms who abandoned their kids for the thrill of a wild ride.

The view right before you duck into the tube-of-fun.

Most of us met at Russell’s swimming pool for the day.  For a small-town pool, it had two pretty great slides.  Once our younger kids were ready to go down the slide on their own, and the 13-month-old was sitting comfortably with grandma, I saw myself racing up the stairs to whoosh down the yellow (and faster) water slide backwards, on my stomach, diving at the end, whatever.  We all looked around and realized that unless our kids met us at the top of the platform, we had no idea where they were.

Again, this is a small town and we had family crawling all over the place.  Our kids are old enough to swim on their own or they were with someone responsible enough not to leave them for a slide down to pure fun.

It was probably a sight to see three 30-somethings acting like kids.  I remember one sight–my oldest sister pointing and laughing at me when I tried for the first time sliding backwards on the yellow one.  Water in my face at the top, and bikini almost on my waist at the bottom.

We spent a good five hours there.  Also, I got a little more tan, which was nice.  I even took my sunglasses off and the raccoon-tanned eyes faded a little from previous outings where they were shaded from the sun.  We had a lot of fun, letting go of a little pressure so we could be better moms and better people.


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