Sugar Critters

There is this really cool area in the middle of Salina that features a pond, trees, and a pretty steep hill. It’s called Indian Rock because the eastern tribes of Kansas battled the western tribes for the last time at this momentous place in the 1850’s.

My friend Amy accepted a marriage proposal there.  It’s pretty cool and you can follow the trail around the little park. My kids love it so every once in a while I will take them out exploring.

There is always broken beer bottles and other evidence of people abusing the area which is disappointing. This time, however, there must have been a different kind of party because my kids found a pair of girls underwear near a tree. Joseph acted like he wanted to kick it down the hill to get it out of there, but I told him not to.

At the top of the bluff

Do you see it under there? I just made you say underwear.

I didn’t want the kids to touch it, saying it could have something wrong with it, like crotch critters. I knew they wouldn’t know exactly what I meant, but they would heed my warnings, knowing that “crotch critters” must be a bad thing.

Elizabeth supported me 100%, telling her brothers, “Yeah, you don’t want to get diabetes.” I couldn’t help it so I let myself laugh pretty darn hard. She looked at me and said, “What, mom? Diabetes is a real thing!”


4 thoughts on “Sugar Critters

  1. I’m sure she said that because unfortunately some of her friends have childhood diabetes and it is a serious thing. Luckily, it’s not contagious and I explained that to her.


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