Stink Bait and Baseball

My support system during and after my divorce has helped me out a lot. Yet, I still have a lot to work on from knowing that it’s okay to be alone some times and it’s also okay to show interest in someone.

A father to one of my kids’ baseball teammates has been showing me a lot of attention lately. I know I’m not ready for any dating yet, but it just shows how unprepared I am. Even though his conversations are interesting, I don’t remember his name or even remember if we introduced ourselves. I believe he was going to invite me to have a beer, but for some reason I sidestepped the invitation. I don’t even know if he is a single father. I do know his kid’s name, though, since he cheers and hollers at him.

Strike one for Andrea. Even by developing a friendship, I’m not doing so well. You would think that I would know these things by the fifth practice and third game.

I am not one to complain, but I’ve had the kids for over a week straight with just a span of four hours to myself. That is probably why I stay up late at night. This evening they will be at their dad’s for the first time in over a week. I am golfing first, then watching my nephew play baseball. Yet I am doing this on my own, not even thinking before hand that I should invite anyone with me aside from my sister at the game. To be honest, I don’t have many friends (divorce will distance even the “good” friends) and those that are still with me are so busy with their lives I don’t want to disrupt them on short notice. Besides, golf isn’t everyone’s sport, which narrows down the field even more.

Strike two for Andrea.

I was getting ready for the day and I thought that I could run a hell of a personal add:
Divorced, white female looking for companionship. Limited time in the week to date, only every other weekend, not very good at conversation at first, needs sugar daddy.

Hey, stink bait works for fishing, why not me?

I even asked my ex-husband how he met new friends and if he went out on his own. He said he invariably sees someone he knows wherever he goes. I believe him because I had seen it in action for 10 years. It was baffling to me.

All right. Strike three. I think I’ll rent a movie tonight.


2 thoughts on “Stink Bait and Baseball

  1. Never feel you can’t call at the last minute…sometimes I’m more available when I don’t stop to look at what I have planned! And no chance that something comes up and I have to cancel…I’m either available or not!


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