A short list

List of the idiotic things I’ve done for *love*.

1. Ignored friends and family for boys.
2. Drove four hours one way every other weekend in a car with no air conditioning, cruise control, or comfy seats one entire summer.
3. Lied for him.
4. Consitently drove him around on errands because he lost his license from a DUI. (see #2)
5. Stole a Chinese restaurant’s soup cup. He thought it looked cool. Also, a beer glass at a bar.
6. Took out my belly button ring because he didn’t like it.
7. Swam out to a boat anchored in the lake in the middle of the night with him. Too cold…
8. Picked him up from Aggieville in the middle of the night dressed in pajamas. He and his friend were wearing life jackets.
9. Ate a goldfish.
10. Tried chew. Threw up shortly after that.
11. Rode my horse bareback to the top of the hill every night for a week to get cell phone reception.

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