Tribute to Adam Sandler

My children love all Adam Sandler movies. I couldn’t be more proud! I discovered him in college when my roommate and I would watch Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Waterboy at least once a week each. Our quotes had to be obnoxious to all the other ‘normal’ people. His movies are the ONLY slapstick comedies I can tolerate. The chaos is borderline for me, but maybe that’s why I like them. You know, living on the edge sort of stuff.

And now I pass it on to my children. In fact, Lizzy out-quoted me the other day. Props to her, I was very humbled! She’s eight.

Their current favorite is Jack & Jill.

Not my favorite but they are still young. And hopefully Sandler will come out with more.

For a real treat, try his first movie Going Overboard<

Recently added to my YouTube Channel:

My roommate and I did Sandler a favor and turned it off before it barely even started so we could save his dignity.


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