What I’ve done well this year

1) Planning days with my kids. Instead of watching movies and playing video games, I’ve taken them to Coronado Heights, a pretty cool site commemorating the Conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado exploration in the 1500s to the middle of Kansas. And I didn’t throw them off the top to see which one would land on the ground first. It could have been a history lesson and a physics lesson in one trip. Unfortunately they’re too young for physics.

2) Using my days off for useful things, such as blogging. When I’m not doing that, I read, sleep, play video games, make sandwiches, eat ice cream, go for walks, and generally making a huge slob out of myself. I know, some “me” time is good, but I have to stay motivated. That novel isn’t going to promote itself…

3) Talking. Connecting with old friends who I have lost touch with. Sarah in Colorado is a good example. She’s a peach and I appreciate her so much now. Calling my sisters and brothers, one at a time until someone finally answers their phones. Not being a wall flower at social gatherings…thank you, Budweiser, for making those little lime-a-ritas. You know, just generally using my voice more than I usually have and taking the risks that I was too shy to do before.

4) I have worked on my guilt issues. By doing this, I have realized that it’s okay to get my hair professionally cut and colored once in a while. I can go to the concert I won tickets for without feeling it cost too much to drive to Kansas City. (Tim McGraw looks sooo good in white jeans, btw.) I am golfing and loving it. Those green fees aren’t too bad, and the company I will be with is pretty amazing. And, I got a nose ring. I’ve got one chance to enjoy life and I’ve decided that I’m going to get down to it.


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