It’s brown and you sit on it

My favorite piece of furniture is my couch. It’s not amazing by any means, but I love it because it was the first major item I purchased that wasn’t second hand.

Yes, I know. A couch isn’t a MAJOR item, but to a new bride living in a trailer house I needed something, well, fresh and new. My son was less than a year old and we all pinched and saved (ok, I had extra money from my student loans) and we shopped around for a month.

It’s stuffing is falling out now on one of the cushions and with my three kids using it now as a corner of their fort in the living room, it’s still holding up. It is comfortable enough to sleep on and large enough to hold three adults, or just me and the kiddos. Although it’s hard to admit that Joseph is getting taller and will soon be towering over me. I’ll have to call him a teenager sooner than I’m ready to. Then we won’t be able to all fit on the couch.

I’ll be sad when it’s time to replace it. But it doesn’t smell funky yet and there are only a few small holes where the kids ripped it. Yes. I’m blaming the kids!


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