Liar, liar, pants on fire

When it is okay to lie.

1) When someone poses the question, “How ya doin’?” No one wants to know the truth. I once asked this to a homeless man when I was serving in a soup kitchen. He let me know exactly how he was doing.

2) “Are we there yet?” Never give the truth, which is about two hours more than their patience can handle.

3) It’s okay to lie when someone is all gussied up but can’t hide the fact that they reside in the ugly tree and are on the way to falling down. They are at their best so let them know that instead.

4) Upon visiting an acquaintances’ house and it smells funny, sometimes selective truth is better.

5) How artful and amazing children’s home-made Christmas gifts are.

6) When a bashful and insecure pre-teen shares something important only to them. You must feign interest unless it is dangerous or will cause more teasing and bullying down the line.

7) If you knew the real side of a mean-spirited and awful person but your kids didn’t and they ask if this person is in heaven right now. Of course no one really knows…

8) “Have you had anything to drink tonight?”


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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