Do as I say, not as I do

I’m not sure I’m qualified to make a new amendment.  It has to be difficult to decide what is best for a majority of the constituents that make up the voting body.  Sometimes, though, the majority isn’t always right.  As an entity that has been voted in, government leaders of all levels are left with the people’s confidence to make those decisions.  So, since I’ve never ran for an office outside of my high school FFA or 4-H club, I’m going to make up my own amendment that could help balance out power and responsibility.

Members of congress shall not hold office more than two four-year terms for their residing states. 

This will encourage responsibility within the government as well as do away with career politicians.  They do their jobs, not get the outrageous benefits that are continuously voted in, and allow those who represent us to make a goal of keeping the economy and social issues on the up and up so when they return to their “real” jobs the country is in a better place than before.  They would want to set up laws and policies that enhance the working people’s conditions because in at least eight years they know that they will have to return to the work force.

I’ve heard that the founding fathers had this in mind when they created this democracy and without doing a whole lot of research on my part, it sounds fallible.  Power is a difficult thing to reign in, and too much power is easily corrupted.  After all, our country thrives on our strong work force so I feel it’s appropriate to return the benefits to such people.  Like me and all my friends and families.


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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