Role Model

It’s hard to nail down one or two people whom I look up to. Of course my parents, who are the most hard-working, loving, and faithful people I know. Then there’s my sisters and brothers who always show compassion and understanding despite their personal opinions.

I think role models have to behave in such a way where others cannot duplicate their actions. My aunt may be that person. When her husband was killed in a car accident, she forgave the driver who caused it even when it turned out she was drunk and high. When her adult daughter was diagnosed with cancer, she took it head on and spearheaded the fight against one of the ugliest diseases in our world with never a doubt that it can be won.

With some of the worst things that a person can face, her faith and kindness was never in question. She is easy to laugh, always wise and insightful, very caring, and doesn’t question her relationship with God. She models this for her children who have traveled these difficulties with her and they have turned out pretty darn well.

No, she’s not perfect which is obvious–she is related to me after all. I’m not sure I can do all the things she has, but everyone has to find their own path. I think of how, despite her difficulties in life, her piece of mind is worth it all. That’s what I want.


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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