The end…for a while

The end of the school year always lets out reluctantly for me. I have duties beyond the classroom that requires me to return to work for a week or two after everything is turned in for the summer term. I drive to work for about six hours worth of staring at a computer, my duties and the pressure of the year slowly detracting its claws as I settle in to summer. This was one task that I could play around with all day, though. Graphic design projects make my year go by much faster.

The “last day” is always a celebration, however, and a few of us looked into golf as an excuse to hang out. None of us live in the same town, so it can be difficult to stick to a day and time that works for all of us. We need to plan around golf instead of the other way around. Besides, I do enjoy it and at times the darn ball actually goes close to where I am aiming. (Wait, you’re supposed to aim in golf, right? Not just hit the crap out of it?)

If we don’t make any golf dates, then the summer will go by way too quickly. I will return in August with too few stories to share and not enough memories made. I have to remind myself that I have to plan things so I don’t sit at home by myself with nothing to do but write for hours–which is okay at times, but not everyday.

I really enjoy my co-workers and thank God that they are in my life, this past year especially. So here’s my dedication to making and keeping dates. Please, JAJA, don’t forget our pledge to the greens. I want to embarrass myself in front of you.


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