Lori Darlin’

I’m trying out a daily blog prompt from reverbbroad. Hopefully I’ll do it justice. So here it goes…

The fictional character I understood the most was Miss Lorena Wood from the Larry McMurtry book Lonesome Dove. No, I’m not a prostitute. I know and love my family. But whenever I am confronted with a serious problem, I tend to wrap it all up in a tight little package and swallow it down where it won’t hurt me. There seems to be a safe box where I can temporarily keep it until it’s safe to come out again. No one can pull it out of me. Silent I stay until I’m ready to spew it out in a burst of flames.

It seemed that Lorena rarely let her past dictate who she is in the present. Yes, she knew she was a prostitute and never denied it. And yes, she lived in the 1800’s. Whenever her pimp beat her, she was tough enough not let it hurt her. Not really, anyway. Not where it mattered anyway. She never let him get to her emotionally.

After she was abducted by Blue Duck, a Comanche, she broke. She attached herself to her rescuer in all ways. That was one thing that saddened me the most. Not being strong enough in this world to be her own, complete person.

I’d like to think I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding that.


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