I Finally Figured it Out

It took many, many years to realize that I come across as shy. I always felt I was outgoing, but finally I saw me for who I really was. For example, I would be involved in a group conversation, agreeing or disagreeing in my thoughts and forming opinions. However, I did not always voice my opinions so everyone else saw me as unattentive and not contributing to the conversation. I was contributing, but only in my own head. Duh.

Even though I now recognize my perceived shyness, I still have to work on being more outgoing. When I am a major contributor to a conversation, I would say that I can be very funny. Or a complete jack ass, which is also funny. So it is possible for me to be more assertive.

And I do get things done. I have been chosen amongst my vast network of family to plan three of my sisters’ bachorelette parties and I think they were successful for each bride-to-be.

Moral of the story? I have a few:
1) Don’t expect others to be mind readers.
2) When they don’t read your mind, you can’t be pissed at them.
3) Being bitchy can work. Sometimes. It requires a lot of vocalization.
4) All you need is love.

That last one was just thrown in there.


One thought on “I Finally Figured it Out

  1. In your book, your character uses her sunglasses to hide until she is comfortable with the people she is around. I thought you were talking about how you felt!


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