Let’s Pretend We’re in a Harem

A few weeks ago, my daughter was de-light-ed to get yet another Barbie. She thought Ken would love it as well. This got me to thinking, how does Elizabeth play house with five women and one man? What happens when four of the girls want a boyfriend or husband?

I remember play-fighting between the blonde bombshells while Ken stands nearby, and I can only assume now that he sat back and enjoyed the show. Somehow, all my girls ended up happy at one point or another although I can’t remember how.

Probably it was okay for Ken to have five girlfriends at one time or to slide from one girl to the next without any problem. No one thought it weird or odd. And the ‘girls’ would fight over one guy. But to be honest, that’s how our society (in general) is. Guys are players and girls are sluts. But I wondered, is it possible for a little girl to understand this societal belief at such a young age?

In my classroom, students (boys and girls alike) identified and understood this double standard, yet I still overhear conversations that label girls sluts and ignore the fact that they had to sleep with someone, most likely a player.

There has to be something that can be done. And it has to be done at a young age. For right now, I think I’ll buy her a few more Ken dolls and suggest the extra Barbies are happy single gals. They’ll probably have successful jobs and be very happy watching over their sister’s kids once in a while. I may have to get a convertible for Elizabeth to play with as well.


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