Over Rated

I haven’t had television for a few months now.  At first, I was going stir crazy, but then I upgraded to wireless internet and hooked my Wii up to the outside world.  I do miss the news and the weather, but then again I have the internet and the radio for that, too.

After visiting a friend of mine and watching the tube, I realized that television is over rated.  But here are a few things I miss:

1.  Sporting events.  I like college and pro basketball.  I also like the occasional football game; and who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a few studly men bashing each other on a green field?  College volleyball where the women are freakishly tall and can jump higher than I stand?  Awesome.

2.  Weather.  Especially when there’s a storm.  However, when there was a storm before I dropped my satellite provider, it would always lose its signal anyway so what was the point?

3.  Up to date television episodes.  But certain internet programs have t.v. series only a month after it has been originally aired.  Certain free websites.  OR I can watch thousands of movies by a very small monthly fee.  Shark week is just as awesome in September as it was in August.

4.  The bill.  No wait, I don’t mind saving $75 a month.  And the time I don’t waste on mindlessly watching episodes of terribly bad t.v. I never meant to watch in the first place is good, too.

I do know that I have to be more diligent with the news and current events.  Especially since Decision 2012 is coming up.  We have to be informed with which crazy ass hat we the people will put in charge for the next 4-8 years.   But in the meantime, I’ll be blissfully ignorant on how tardy the t.v. episodes are.  And then I’ll figure out where I can catch the big games come March since I’ll be able to afford going to a few games live in the mean time.



2 thoughts on “Over Rated

  1. Last March we streamed March madness through ESPN.com- so you can still watch sports games live if you want AND switch between who you want to watch as well as see up to date stats.
    As for the news and weather- set your home page to your local news station. It should show you the weather too. 🙂 Life without TV has been pretty good for us, except our daughter has figured out how to use netflix and watch multiple episodes in a row of H2O and Sonny with a Chance without us realizing it….


  2. You’re not missing much truth in politics on TV, anyway. You’ll only find it through searching truly free press on the ‘net. The “interviews” played on cable news are chopped up and slanted to show less of what the candidate said and more of what the comentator wants you to read into what he/she said.

    Or check my Facebook page. 😀


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