Home Wrecker Edition

After a tornado ripped through a nearby town, leaving the school, churches, homes, and businesses all in ruin, they valiantly put it all back together.  One family was nominated for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and won a free house and the community earned a new building.

Those blue shirts were like the plague for a while.

One way this t.v. show barely gets away with  breaking even (right!) is by having volunteers work throughout the project and donations from the area pitching in.  My husband, as an electrician, earned his blue shirt by working a few days with his buddies wiring up the kitchen.  They of course enjoyed the attention they got from the shirts, by men and women, but one of my husband’s single friend mentioned to me that those shirts were the “pussiest getting” thing he had ever tried.  Or not tried.  They would initiate contact with him and a fun evening would then commence.

Maybe a little concern crossed my mind since my husband was with them a lot, but whatever.

I was relating this story once to a couple of friends of mine at the YMCA in between games at a women’s volleyball league.  I brought it up because one of my teammates had the same shirt on.  Of course, I didn’t use the same language as how I had heard it, but I think everyone got the point.  However, she hadn’t volunteered for that project, her friend had and she was simply borrowing the shirt.  Her friend that she lived with and dated and shared all sorts of clothes with.  Her female friend.

After the last game, I followed her to the water fountain in the hallway leading into the gym when I noticed that some high school girls approached her and asked if she had worked on the house for the t.v. show when it was here.  She explained that she hadn’t worked there but her friend had volunteered as a nurse for anyone with minor injuries–which can happen on a job site–and off the two girls went, looking a little disappointed.

I picked up my pace to catch her.

“See?  I told you,” was all I had to say.


Go ahead. Everyone's watching.

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