My Goals

Plans change, goals mold to the current situation, and I still want certain things.  Here’s my list of purely selfish and personal goals.

1.  I need to see the ocean.  No self-respecting 30+ year old woman is complete without the salty sea air in her face, hot sand in between her toes, and a thick glass of a double margarita in her hand at least once.  Maybe I’ll catch a kick-ass sunset, too.  I don’t really give a flying f-word which ocean, either.  Except the Arctic Ocean.  That would suck.

2.  Sky diving.  Not too complicated, but a little scary.  Give me a few months.  It.  Will.  Happen.

3.  Snow Skiing.  Even just the bunny slopes.

4.  To be published.  I’ll get there.  And soon, I think.  All you bitches best be buying my shit.  (Yep, I’m an alliterative master.)

5.  I don’t need to see all these places, but I want to go to   1) Nashville  2) Californ-i-a  3) Chicago  4) Mexico  5) Mardi Gras  6) the Northern Lights  7) Australia  8) Montana

6.  I can’t think of anything else right now.  Kind of a short list, but totally reachable.  Any suggestions for other goals?


4 thoughts on “My Goals

  1. I’d stay away from Mexico for a while. 😉

    Sky diving. And scuba diving in the ocean. Definitely. Para sailing, river rafting, and rock climbing would be super fun, too.

    Nashville, Cali, Chicago, and Montana are all attainable… And the motorcycle ride getting there would be super fun as well! (I have a spare motorcycle 😉 )

    I’ll go snow skiing with you some time as long as you promise not to hurt yourself! (Sorry Chrissy!!!)

    I once saw the northern lights from on top of the hill north of the house by the tower! I watched in amazement for a while and then hauled ass on my dirt bike back to the house to get Emily, Kelsie, and Trenton. But by the time we got loaded up in the Subaru and back to the hill it had stopped. 😦


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