His name was not my decision.  I wanted Anton, a very Czechy name, but it was voted out to the lowered position of middle name despite my lobbying and bribing.  They convinced me they would call him “Tony” when he was born, but I was duped again and voted down when the time came for him to come home.  It wasn’t even “Trent”.  It was “Trenton”, as if saying the entire name was effectually ribbing me a little about it not being “Tony”.

I remember my argument about not liking the name Trent was because I watched a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with a very effeminate character named Trent.  Everyone argued that no one would remember the episode, and he would be able to overcome a minor character with a shortened name.  I can still picture that Trent guy secretly spraying on some perfume from Deanna Troy’s quarters, though. {Did I just admit I was a Trekkie?!}

Trenton and me

Shortly after he came home

A few months after he came home, I was lying on the bed, bouncing him up on my knees superman style in the air above me.  “You’re a good little boy!” I was cooing.  Splat!  He was good enough to puke freshly drank momma’s milk all over my hair, maybe a little on my face.  I was 13, but tough enough not to let that scar me from him or other babies.  I was old enough to change his diaper regularly, though.  That about did it.  I learned quickly to open the diaper for a second, close it up again because it was a golden shower waiting to happen.  First time that happened, I just stood there in shock, dodging the well-aimed stream, not wanting to move too far away fearing he may roll off of the changing table.  I guess it was good practice for my own children.

When we tickled him, which a bunch of girls were certain to do, he would giggle his Trenton laugh.  Oh, how funny it was!  He would try to imitate us saying, “tickle, tickle, tickle” and it ended up “deedle, deedle, deedle,” a term we still use for the next generation of kiddos in our families.

By the time I was in college, he was only five years old.  He was the ring bearer for my wedding four years later, was in the car with my fiance and the best man when they were pulled over for a speeding ticket a month before the wedding (possibly Trenton’s first brush with the law), and was mis-identified as my fiance’s son on that same day.

Now, my son’s laugh imitates Trenton’s.  Nice!  I’ll ‘deedle’ him once in a while just to hear it, although it’s getting tougher to tickle a nine-year old and be a cool mom.  Hopefully he follows Trenton’s ambition and athletic ability, too.  If you have kept track, (and I may not have mentioned them all) then you may know he will be the seventh child in our family to play on a varsity team in college this coming fall.

I haven’t decided yet if Trenton is really cocky, or being funny by being cocky.  Mom doesn’t help, either.  She twice told the story to me of when he stretched out the other day and ripped his sleeves over his biceps.  He and Kelsie like to banter about a woman’s place, etc. which is futile because all of his big sisters have worked like boys on the farm.  I’m convinced he’s trying to be funny, but one of his albums is named STUDISM in all caps, although there are not too many pictures in it and they are not of the douche bag style one might expect from such a title.

He’s a farm boy through and through, going to college to study ag business so he can come back and farm.  And even though I don’t want to add to his cockiness, he is a good-looking kid.  I was editing his senior pictures in my free time and had the thumbnails printed out in color so I knew what he/mom wanted.  Some of my students saw his pictures and without knowing I was related, started to innocently figure out how to contact him.  Fortunately, I had learned my lesson before with Emily and Kelsie and already had a policy in place for just such an occasion.  NO.  “Besides, he has a girlfriend,” I would say.  But I may just have happened to mention he was voted winter home-coming king, just to spice up their curiosity a little.

League Tourney

He had his own cheering section the night his team won the league tournament.

It was nice to be able to go to high school sporting events again and watching someone to whom I was related.  There was a little gap for me between moving and trying to find   games, so I missed a lot of opportunities before.  I can’t wait for my own kids to start playing competitive sports, so Trenton and Janell filled in the gaps for me.

Dang, Trenton.  I just realized how embarrassing this may be for you, talking about diapers and spitting up.  Or the “deedle” part?  Maybe it’ll offset everything else!  Oh, and I only remembered that “Trent” guy because I was brainstorming about you and how you were named.  I think you outgrew that stigma very nicely!


3 thoughts on “Trenton

  1. Ha! I’m a complete Star Trek nerd and I don’t remember the “Trent” you’re talking about. Time to scan through some episodes on my computer, I guess. 😀

    But I think the cockyness is mostly in good fun; you have heard all of our brother-in-laws banter back and forth while we’re working cattle, right!?!?


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