Can You Hear Me Now?

Just a quickie I had to share…

I’m a tight ass when it comes to spending money and committing to paying for something.  I can shoe shop for an hour and still not buy anything.  I haven’t updated my phone for 2 1/2 years because I don’t want to commit to a shitty phone service who likes to shove their new service plans up my bank account.  So I have resigned myself to use speaker phone since the earpiece doesn’t work anymore.

I thought I had told all my close friends/siblings, but I’m sure it’s easy to forget.  So I’m at the pool with the kids, reading Steven Tyler’s memoir when my sister calls.  She said she tried to call last night for supper but couldn’t get a hold of me.  I explained that I wasn’t feeling good.  I was going on my second week of a cold sore epidemic and they make me feel sick at times, like last night.

Enter three high school boys, some off-duty life guards, two tables away.

I turn my speaker phone volume down a notch and she continues on about how three weeks isn’t normal and I should see a doctor, or something like that.  I say I was just out in the sun too long.  I usually get one every summer.  “Oh!  I thought you said you had your period for three weeks!”

I glance up, hoping no one heard.  “No.  A COLD SORE.  I have a COLD SORE.”

Much better.


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