If there is one of my sisters I am most like, it would be Kelsie.  Although I do believe she is smarter, funnier, and prettier than I am.  I guess my parents wanted to improve upon their third.  She is the only girl I know who can quote from a movie like a guy.  You have to stay on your toes to be able to keep up with her.  She only has to see the movie once to get all the funny one-liners.

Kelsie was at home during my college years as well, so I don’t know all the good ones she did, either.  But the stories I heard were pretty great, thanks to our cousin Kelsie’s age who went to the same high school.  However, I wanted to recall something on my own, so I’m going to have to rely on things from only a few years back.  I know, not fair to everyone else, but I don’t know if I have any other choice.

Kelsie was in my wedding as a candle-lighter.  Already, at the tender age of 12, she was on horses all the time.  The lucky girl was good enough with horses to train them and take care of the cattle while the tractor work was designated to Trenton.  (Don’t worry Trenton, you’re next!)  Kelsie eventually trained her own horses and started a small business.

As I was teaching at my first job, Kelsie was in high school.  I am nine years older than her, and had to make a personal rule not to even talk about her to the boys I taught.  Even mentioning how well she did in volleyball the weekend before eventually led up to how ‘hott’ she was.  (That was the first time I read hot with two t’s in a note I confiscated–not about Kelsie though–they knew better.)  Our schools were in the same district but not in the same town, so it was kind of neat to be tied to both schools who rivaled each other so much.

She stayed with me over the summer a few times, with Janell, and we did some mundane stuff.  I was always afraid to poison what my mom and dad had done with Kelsie and Janell with my worldly experiences I learned from college.  Mostly, though, we would visit their house and ride horses, chase cattle, and usually a good time was had by all.  (I hate that expression, btw.)

Her high school sweet heart turned out to be her boyfriend in college.  By then, she was fair game.  No more worry about poisoning my parents’ lessons.  She may have even taught me a thing or two.

She was always “sawed off and handsome” to Dad, but by most standards she is of average height.  We are the same 5’4″ of fireball.  But by athletic standards, shrimps.  She was deemed defensive specialist for her college team.

Her and her boyfriend came to visit us one weekend.  We stayed in, but our brother-in-law, the man of the spilled milk, encouraged us to try some new tequila out.  “It’s sippin’ smooth,” he said.  Lucky for us, my neighbor had a pool in her back yard and it was in the middle of summer.  And very dark.  My husband and Kelsie’s boyfriend were out of commission for the evening, sleeping in their designated beds, my brother-in-law had gone home with his wife and kids, and Kelsie and I were free to roam–and to cool off.  Luckily, I got her home before she started praying to the porcelain god.  Unfortunately for her, my husband woke up to the ruckus to make sure everyone was okay.  He also got to see her in her bra and underwear as she was sitting on my kids’ potty chair so she could hit the toilet in front of her with ease.  Meanwhile, I tried to wake up her boyfriend whilst still in my “swimming” gear.

On a trip to pick out brides maids dresses for Chrissy’s wedding, we were trying on fabulous dresses, along with some outrageous ones.  All in good fun.  However, my hangover was dampening my spirit that day, so I took full advantage on her actual wedding day.  Kelsie and I donned sunglasses right after the wedding, throughout the reception and the dance.  Of course, I had been so busy getting things ready for my sister Chrissy that I forgot to eat enough to soak up the drinks Kelsie and I were giving each other.  I lasted until 10:30.  But, to be fair, I don’t drink too often and Kelsie was in college.  She obviously lasted longer than I did for a reason.

Inter Tube

We had to chase that darn thing around the lake, too!

For her bachelorette party, we rented cabins at the lake.  My mom had dragged home an inter tube from a tractor tire not too long before.  We aired it up for phenomenal floating fun and then the four of us piled in Kelsie’s truck–Emily, Janell, Kelsie, and me.  We were already in our bathing suits, with cover ups or shorts and t-shirts over top.  Keslie had on a cute strapless cover up, all pink and yellow and stuff.  A little bright for her, but still very cute.  So we strapped down the inter tube with ropes, threw our bags in the back, and headed down the interstate.  The cabin was on the other side of the lake, and it would be a 40 minute drive to where we were going, most of it on interstate.  Since I was the oldest in the truck, and it was Kelsie’s ride, we were in front.  I think we noticed the flapping inter tube at the same time.  We pulled over on the interstate, leaving the truck turned on so Emily and Janell would stay cool inside.  Kelsie and I were the ones to figure out our ingenious plan of transporting the inter tube in the first place, so we climbed in the back and started loosening up the rope.  We were planning on a short-term solution since we weren’t too far off from our exit and our eventual destination.

We almost had it tied down.  Only a few hard pulls left, and some acrobatic bending to grab the rope from the tail gate, looping through holes, and up to the front of the bed, and we would have it.  Suddenly, truckers started honking as they were passing.  Cars were joining in, too.  We were so engrossed in our task, I didn’t realize until Kelsie explained to me that her dress was flying up, flapping in the wind, and it looked like she was mooning all the traffic as they passed.  Not to be outdone, I was standing on top of the tool box in the back of the truck bed with my ass pointed straight up in the air, trying to grab the rope out of Kelsie’s dress-flapping hand.  And the truckers on the other side of the interstate were honking their approval.  It got to the point where I would scream my surprise every time a truck would pass, honking wildly, until we finally got the inter tube tied up tight.

…Meanwhile, back in the truck, Janell and Emily were at first as oblivious as we were, then laughing hysterically at us, but they stayed in the truck nonetheless.  I guess things like that were common for Kelsie; she shrugged it off as if it was no big deal.  No worries.

Her laid back, “go with how you feel” attitude is supplemented by an undying love for her family.  Always supportive, never judgmental, Kelsie is wise beyond her years.  And she is one of the toughest cowgirls I know.


One thought on “Kelsie

  1. I don’t really remember Doug or Emily much but I will always remember Kelsie as a toddler because she was so adorable at the high school basketball games. I don’t think I ever saw her at that age without a blond “mess” on top of her head! So cute then and such a beautiful lady now.


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