You have how many?

Growing up in a large family inherently brings up a few points of discussion.  “Do your parents know how that happens?”  “I’ll bet you’re Catholic, aren’t you?”  “How many bathrooms did you have?”  “Holidays must be crazy!”  The answers to those questions, in order, are: yes, yes, one, and yes.

In the old days, families had a lot of children for the obvious reason-no birth control.  But, in modern times, my parents had more than access to medicine and drugs.  They had a lot of love.  And even more patience. There are nine children in my immediate family.  Yes, we grew up Catholic and very proud of our relationships with God.  Yes, we have a family farm, and we all worked very hard.  Yes, money was tight, but we also knew that money wasn’t everything.

My plan is to write something for each sibling in the most gentle, kindest way.  In the mean time, anyone who reads this will better understand the dynamics of how a large family works (and sometimes how it doesn’t work).  I suppose I should also include information about me as a child, but that will be mixed in throughout all the others.  And my perspective will be mostly from when I was a that age, because believe it or not, it is hard to get ALL the family together at the same time now that we are scattered throughout the state.  Also, it’s time to add nine first cousins now that we are having children as well.

Family Wedding, May 2009

It's hard to get everyone to look at the same time.

Please Melanie, Chrissy, Rhonda, Doug, Emily, Kelsie, Trenton, and Janell, take these writings with a grain of salt.  I bet you will find that I’ll reveal more about myself, good and bad. (BTW, I’m snuggled up there in order between Chrissy and Rhonda.)

And by the way mom and dad, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


2 thoughts on “You have how many?

  1. One thing you got to remember, dear family, is that all of you were different ages at the time Andrea is telling her perspective of whatever happened. You may remember it differently, or you may have been older and understood better or younger and not understand what was going on at the time. Or you may have simply forgot about that particular thing that happened. Anyway, we all know Andrea will do the best that she can and remember the way SHE remembers it. I feel all of us will enjoy what she writes! Go for it Andrea! Love, Mom


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