I Quit

Amidst a generation of instant gratification, quitting is more common than not.  If it’s too hard, let’s try something easier.  The internet and abundant use of cell phones supported this generation way beyond the realm of technology.  We don’t have to plan when and where we will meet someone because all we have to do is call.  While this in itself isn’t bad, it takes away the practice it takes for people to plan for anything.

Quitting comes hand in hand with instant gratification.  I see it almost everyday.  The value of working toward a long-term goal using day-in and day-out plans is not important unless you are labeled “driven”.  Of course, flexibility has to come into play, but without losing sight of that overall goal.  And we must effectively use the resources around us.

On the other hand, the times of today also hinder quitting.

Habits are hard to break.  Very rarely does it work to just decide one day, “I’ll never smoke a cigarette again” and be able to boast long-term success.

Without the plan and the resolve to follow through with the plan, they more than not fail.  Some of these failures are truly sad, and can lead to other failures.  So this is my plan.  Choose one goal that can encompass my life, make each objective separate from on another, and point all these objectives toward the common goal.

Sounds easy enough, does it not?

One of the objectives I chose was to quit procrastinating.  I found that if I have to do some paperwork at home, then happen to notice the dust on the desk that just needs to be cleaned up.  It’s time to pay the bills, but darn it!  The dishes aren’t finished yet.  Housework seems to be my instant gratification.  Easily seeing the results of a clean a room in the house satisfies my desire to get away from a task that is less than favorable.  Odd, I am completely cognizant of what I am doing, but I also know that I will continue to do it.

I’m not finished yet.  I have to continue to work on this almost every day.  But it sure would be easy to quit.  Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.


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